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Ask about discounted services for out-of-state clients. Call a Florida probate attorney in Port St. Lucie and Palm City today: 772-230-7015.

Losing a loved one is hard enough. Having to make multiple trips Florida to handle the estate only adds to the pain. Administrating a loved one’s estate while you are still grieving is incredibly difficult, and this is where Jon L. Martin, Attorney at Law, can help you. Jon understands your hardship and offers compassionate, empathetic and sensitive handling of your loved one’s estate at reduced rates.

Did you know that a personal representative is required to locate the decedent’s creditors and alert them of the death? This is just one of the many tasks required of the personal representative. Attorney Martin understands that dealing with a family member’s estate after they have recently passed can make the probate process even more stressful and emotionally draining, which is why he prides himself on providing caring and individualized services to all his clients. If your deceased loved one was a resident of Florida and you have been named executor, but you live out of state, he can also provide you with the legal counsel and guidance you desperately need.

A probate attorney serving the Treasure Coast, Mr. Martin will help guide you through the entire probate process, while offering special services to out-of-state family members, beneficiaries and executors. Probate involves many different issues and has definite legal procedures, which must be followed. They include real estate, personal property, automobile transfers, IRS issues, and other matters. From distributing assets to preparing and filing the necessary documents in court, a knowledgeable and compassionate probate attorney makes the process easier and smoother for the family. Call Jon L. Martin, Attorney at Law. You’ll be glad you did!